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Aluminum 6061CNC parts for swimming pool training / brushed and mirror finish

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CNC part / aliminum alloy 6061 parts / Two part pole disk

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Product Details

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Using CNC lathe machining
  • Machining with CNC milling
  • Surface treatment brushed
  • Surface treatment mirror polishing
  • Major project assembly, one-stop procurement service

Product Details

This part is called "TWO PART POLE DISK", which is made of aluminum alloy 6061 and used for swimming training.

The part starts with a basic shape using a CNC lathe and two holes drilled from the side. The workpiece is then fixed with a fixture, and a CNC milling machine is used to perform fine machining on the notch. After the completion, according to the customer's request, the surface of the parts is treated with two processes, the first is wire drawing surface treatment, and the other is mirror polishing surface treatment.

After receiving the sample, the customer will choose one of the surface treatment effects and make a batch order.

Major project assembly, one-stop procurement service, choose GLOBAO hardware.

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