Dongguan Jinlingbiao Hardware Co., Ltd.

About Us

Globao specializes in processing all kinds of hardware parts and accessories, as well as wholesale and convenient hardware products and outdoor hardware accessories.

Globao produces a full range of hardware accessories, specializing in the production of various Springs, CNC machined parts,Stamping parts, Forged parts, etc.. Which can meet the product requirements of different customers. All products can meet RoHS and 19 heavy metal requirements.

Globao currently has more than 120 employees and a production area of more than 5,000 square meters. The engineering, quality and production departments are complete, and it is equipped with a complete set of hardware mold equipment. It has a group of professional and technical personnel, which can provide everything from product design to production process. Professional services, assist customers to solve professional problems, and serve customers quickly and quality.

Company advantages: One-stop procurement service; Authoritative certification; Strength factory; After-sales protection.

Company process: Stamping parts; CNC machining; Springs; Truck hardware parts; Outdoor sports hardwar